Ep. 3 Open Mic

Submit your inquiries for Podcast

Do you need advice or need to vent? Have a testimony that you want to share that can help others? Submit your inquiries for Open Mic! WordsByFai will be airing on Wednesdays 5:30pm CST on the Spreaker platform!

We’re looking for others to share their story, to help others and themselves to get through any storm they may be facing or did face that they overcame. If you need to receive input or clarity from the Wordsbyfai audience, you can get that as well! (I am not a therapist) This is a space to release what you may be holding on to, and to help others who may be going through the same. When we release instead of holding on to our burdens, we will feel free like a weight has been lifted off. And you’ll feel even better when you’re helping somebody to get through, even while you may or may not have gotten through yourself!

To enter your submission for inquiry:

1. Must be following WordsByFai on Medium & Facebook
2. Find this article on my blog that will be pinned at the top titled “Ep. 3: Open Mic”
3. Read the post and make sure you complete all requirements.
4. Comment your Social name (IG/FB) OR email and a brief explanation on what you will be discussing. (After all requirements are completed)
5. Look out for a message from WordsByFai business page on Facebook/Email to see if you’ve been chosen!

Deadline is Saturday 5/07/22 12pm CST to submit inquiries for Ep. 3. Good luck! I will be choosing 2 people to be featured on this episode.

Click the link below to check out this week’s episode featuring Laiyah SoPretty (Facebook) on Open Mic!




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